A tranquil and creative space to work, rest, play.


Tucked away in the picturesque village of Ucassaim, Blue Lotus is a design-driven collaborative space launched for digital nomads looking to be part of an international creative community. Driven by the core ideology of Co-living, Co-working and Community, this 140-year-old property has been restored to host dreamers from around the world for quiet time to work, contemplate and create.

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What we offer

Four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms

A co-working space with conference facilities

Good Wifi

A living room for meetings and workshops

Dining room and common kitchen

Seasonal breakfast and lunch from the inhouse cafe

Free tea, coffee, infused water

Four legged friendships

Helpful staff


If sustainability is the root of Blue Lotus, people care is at the heart. We believe in the importance and strength of community. Co-living is a concept that brings people together to rest, work and play, with a pursuit of shared interests, and subsequently, co-creation. Our space is the first of its kind in Goa, intentionally designed for the modern digital nomad.

In addition to having all amenities essential for a productive work and living environment, at Blue Lotus you will find the headspace for you to do what you do best. We are in the quaint and lush countryside tucked away from Goa’s crowds, and provide the perfect sanctuary for you to dive into work while we take care of your other needs.

At the same time, Blue Lotus is neither a hotel, nor a guesthouse. We are a home and one that encourages a culture of self reliance. We welcome guests who are independent, ready to take initiative and make our space their own.

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Meet fellow professionals and build your network. Find like-minded people to collaborate with. Make new friends. Co-create together under the same roof. Set up your workstation in your private space, in our workspaces, or outdoors in the balcäo or garden. Nourish yourself with meals from our all-day menu created from vibrant local produce and our in-house herb garden. Take a long stroll on one of our nearby walking trails. Indulge in a playtime of fetch, belly rubs and nose kisses with Laila and Rocket, our four legged community managers. Explore Goa with your new pals. Share a seafood meal. Discover new and old neighbourhoods. Drive to Morjim beach and watch the sunset. 

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Since the rules of working are constantly being redefined, we added co-living to the mix. We live, work and play with each other everyday.

We offer shared accommodation close to nature in a beautiful 140 year old bungalow, where heritage architecture and contemporary design go hand-in-hand.

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We celebrate the demise of the cubicle by offering a collaborative workspace that brings limitless opportunities. 

For those who want to work where they want, when they want and how they want, we provide an environment where you can feel welcomed, inspired, creative and relaxed. We welcome small teams looking for a productive space for an offsite, workshop or residency.

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The support, synergies, ideologies and relationships formed through cohabitation and discovering shared interests is what makes us look forward to everyday. 

Our tranquil, creative space lets you focus on your productivity, allowing for as much privacy as you need as well as opportunities to meet and mingle with people from all over the world. 


Our Shared Spaces

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The Living Room 

Our spacious and modern meeting room blends professionalism, good design and Goan charm to create a productive space ripe for co-creation. For group events, workshops, talks and conferences, both staying and non-staying guests can book our meeting room in advance for a fixed price. Please contact us for more details. 

The Common Area

While used for dining during meal times, our spacious round table can also be used for quick catch ups, casual research and writing during other times of the day.

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The Office

A private work room with a large desk, plenty of sun and a few chairs is the ideal place to work alone or discuss and ideate in smaller groups. Our office space comes equipped with a white board, a projector and a printer/scanner for your convenience. This room too can be pre-booked by non-staying guests, subject to availability. 

The Balcäos

You will want to make full use of our long balconies opening into the back garden, where you can work while you enjoy the sunlight and take in the green.