Past Retreats

We host, organise and curate holistic retreats off the grid, where wellness, nature, learning and community intersect. Most retreats are centered around the subjects of yoga and permaculture.

Our mission is to create or curate safe spaces where you can seed ideas,  nurture them to grow, learn from a collaborative community experience, kick-start your healing and wellness journey. 

Through healing, yoga, co-learning, co-living and co-working experiences and spaces, both transient and permanent, on or off the grid, we are building a vibrant, high vibrational community.

1 himalayan.jpg

Himalayan Wanderlust - A Yog Immersion with Shraddha Vora

31st May - 6th June 2019

Mirage, Andretta, Himachal Pradesh, India


The Conscious Warrior Retreat with viriam kaur and alexandra denkinger

February 2019

Anahata Retreat, Ashvem, North Goa


Permaculture Retreat with Claude Opera & Lilya Sabatier

october 2018

Khaama Kethna, agonda, south goa


conscious warrior workshop

april 2018

inner temple, moira, north goa

Monsoon magic with sunaina rekhi

August 2018

AUra retreat, mandrem north goa


yoga and ACUPUNCTURE workshop

january 2018

Khaama Kethna, agonda, south goa