11 - 26 JANUARY 2020

Permaculture Design Certificate Retreat

With Rico Zook

co-teachers: Jyoti Deshpande and Ranjot Singh.   

Join us for an immersive 16 day retreat to gain an internationally recognised PDC, while living and learning in the lap of nature.

Permaculture is a design system to create regenerative human habitat, which is basically our whole planet. The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course material was originally developed by Bill Mollison, co-founder of permaculture, to teach the principles and foundations of sustainable design.


International students: Rs. 55,000

Indian students: Rs. 44,000

2 scholarship spots: Rs. 30,000

Includes an internationally recognised course certificate, all meals and accommodation on a twin-sharing basis. Does not include transfers. We can arrange transport from Pune at an extra cost.

Dates: 11 Jan -  26 Jan (15 nights) 

Venue: One Earth Eco Retreat, Mulshi, near Pune, India



Obtain an internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

A design project to learn how permaculture is applied in the real world

Daily yoga to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body

Charming accommodation tucked away from the bustle of urban life

Nourishing plant-based meals


“Permaculture is a revolution disguised as organic gardening.” - Bill Mollison 


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What to expect from our PDC?

In our PDC, you’ll receive a comprehensive intensive introduction into regenerative systems design with about 110 hours of curriculum, much more than the mandated 72-hour minimum requirement. The coursework will be presented via traditional lectures, learning exercises, discussions, multimedia, design challenges, and immersive hands-on projects. You’ll gain knowledge of living and human systems so you are equipped to immediately start working with them.

Our focus is to really imprint the foundations and understandings so that students are able to then adapt and do the needful for their specific site (home, farm, organisation, etc.), especially in the larger context of community and landscape. 

This course gives the participant the framework of regenerative design seeding a holistic designer's perspective into the student’s consciousness. They begin to look at the big picture, observing how all the parts are interacting to build deeper understandings, thus being able to sustainably interact with their site, and design systems that harmonise with both physical and human environments.


In our PDC course, the curriculum is organised into three major components, culminating with a real life design project and presentation. They are:

Conceptual Understandings
Learning the foundations of permaculture and regenerative systems

Introductions to the various parts we interact with - soil, water, plants, animals, infrastructure, technologies, urban landscapes, and invisible structures [social, cultural, economic and political systems]

How to put these into mutually beneficial relationships that create holistic regenerative systems


Your instructors

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Rico Zook

Rico is a permaculture designer, consultant and educator who brings over four decades of experience in nature to his work. For the past 22 years he has been working with farmers, villagers, private individuals, and local organisations all over the world. 

With a degree in environmental studies and with years of experience homesteading and working in Yosemite National Park, Rico came to permaculture with all the elements, but almost no organisational system. 

Mentored by Ben Haggard for ten years, Rico did hands-on permaculture design and installation rebuilding a community from the ground up. Over the years he has worked from the village level to the international, assisting all levels of our global community to create culturally and environmentally appropriate life systems that are resilient and regenerative. 

Currently much of his work is mentoring his advanced students who are now working in permaculture and evolving as instructors.


Jyoti Deshpande

Jyoti first completed her PDC with Rico Zook and Jeremiah Kidd in Bali in 2013, and began to actively practise as a permaculture designer and consultant, subsequently completing her own teacher training. 

Amongst her projects, she has designed an edible garden for the Shelter of Rescued Women, in Mumbai, a two-acre food growing project for a vegan client focusing on a raw diet and a small sustainable homestead near Pune.

She is working on consolidating information and knowledge in different areas like water harvesting, soil building techniques from other countries to translate and be made useful in the Indian context. Additionally, she is working on transcribing Indian literature about indigenous knowledge and techniques in the field. She believe collaborations between countries is the next big step for moving towards a more sustainable world. 

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Ranjot Singh

During the time of his first assignment with an urban permaculture company in New Delhi where Ranjot handled operations, headed the school programs and taught children kitchen gardening, he gained his PDC in Goa with Rico Zook. Today he is himself a trained permaculture teacher and facilitator.

He is currently working on a community project in the state of Uttarakhand in India, applying permaculture design principles to develop a village-based model for eco-tourism. 

An avid meditator and a trained yoga instructor with a specialisation in pranayam and dhyaan, Ranjot has been practicing meditation for over a decade and a half, and wants to spread the joy of giving to people across all ages. ‘Conscious evolution of the self’ is the mantra he lives by. 

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What each day will look like



Morning Session


Afternoon Session


Evening Session


8:30 – 12:30

12:30 – 13:30

13:30 – 17:00


20:00 – 21:00

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About One Earth Eco retreat

One Earth Eco Retreat is located at the crest of the  Sahyadri mountains in a biodiversity hotspot, with an abundance of natural life, just 60km from Pune.

The property design is dictated by landforms and natural features, making each of our accommodations unique. Cottages are spread out across several acres, offering spectacular views of Mulshi lake and the lush surrounds. Each structure is designed using eco-friendly materials and gives the visitor the feeling of being in union with nature.


“This PDC was an amazing experience. Rico is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher. He has been feeding us with tons of knowledge and information. Really gave us a solid base to start on. Last point, working on a real project with a real farmer was an amazing experience. Gives you a real flavour of what it could be to work on a project with someone from a different culture. Definitely mind opening. Thanks a lot, I will recommend this course as it was once recommended to me.”



“I really liked the course and think it delivers the basic ‘toolkit’ that you need for your further education into the broad subject of Permaculture. Rico is very talented teacher which is important as there are not so many people who are willing to and know how to share their experience with others.” 


“I had a great experience during the PDC. I found it very informative and easy to intake all the information. The course put Permaculture into perspective and I now know how I can apply it to my everyday life. I look forward to continuing to study Permaculture into the future. I found Rico very engaging and a world of knowledge. His passion really shows through his teaching style and by how he is genuinely excited about sharing this knowledge.”


For more details including our brochure and a day-by-day curriculum, reach out to Meghna at:


+91 9873449535