Our Story

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The word Kyo, in essence, means vibration. 

We host, organise and curate holistic retreats off the grid, where wellness, nature, learning and community intersect. Most retreats are centered around the subjects of yoga and permaculture.

Our mission is to create or curate safe spaces where you can seed ideas,  nurture them to grow, learn from a collaborative community experience, kick-start your healing and wellness journey. 

Blue Lotus by Kyo Spaces is our first collaborative living space, a 19th century heritage villa in the Goan village of Ucassaim made for work, play and rest surrounded by like-minded people.

Through healing, yoga, co-learning, co-living and co-working experiences and spaces, both transient and permanent, on or off the grid, we are building a vibrant, high vibrational community.

Interested to learn more? Don't hesitate to reach out at meghna@kyospaces.com




Meghna Kapoor


& Blue Lotus Goa

Meghna began her career as a fashion and costume stylist in Mumbai in 2003, working across fashion and lifestyle, advertising and film industries. She then moved to London in 2010 to pursue an MA Design Management from UAL and worked in London at Stylus, a global qualitative research and innovation agency. 

She moved back to India in 2015 and worked at Prototyze, as a business and marketing lead, helping them set up and kick-start operations at two separate early stage digital economy start-ups in the fitness and art sectors respectively.  

She founded KYO Spaces in November 2017 as a community business, based on the ethics of permaculture, namely, earth care, people care and fair share.

She has been practicing yoga for over a decade, is an active member of a lay buddhist organisation (www.sgi.org) and over the last 2 years has been on the path of studying Ashtanga Yoga with her teacher Sharmila Desai (www.ashtangayogamorjim.com) in Goa, India. 

Her aim is to create an eco-system and network of healing and learning experiences that plant the seeds of change for a better, balanced and more sustainable future.  

For all Kyo Spaces and Blue Lotus related queries, write to her  – meghna@kyospaces.com


Kyo Spaces believes strongly in collaboration, and works with independent professionals from different disciplines on a project or on-going basis.


Phoebe Pereira

community manager, blue lotus

Phoebe Pereira is a photographer, explorer and budding musician. She grew up in South Goa and is deeply interested in conserving nature and the inherent beauty of Goa. She works as the community manager at Blue Lotus.


Sachin Shetty

founder, eed

Sachin Shetty is a musician, artist and runs Everything Everything Design, a design studio for all things art direction, graphic design, illustration and curation. Sachin does all the design work for Kyo Spaces and Blue Lotus.


Sheena Dabholkar

founder, lover

Sheena is a photographer, writer and the creative director of LOVER, an online lifestyle magazine and an editorial and visual content studio focused on travel and design.

She works with Kyo Spaces as a design and strategy consultant.



Rico Zook

founder, itinerant permaculture

Rico is a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator, collaborating with Kyo Spaces on the upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate retreat in January 2020.