Conscious Warrior Retreat with Viriam Kaur and Alexandra Denkinger


A week in February 2019, was spent on our Conscious Warrior Retreat with Viriam Kaur & Alexandra Denkinger at the gorgeous Anahata Retreat.

We cherished the luxurious tranquility, eating consciously, listening to the waves by the Arabian Sea in this gorgeous piece of tropical paradise.

We focused on the themes of Letting Go + Manifestation and Walking Our Talk – with yoga, movement, meditation, visualisation and Acupuncture Healing Circles. Balancing the mind-body-spirit levels and we learnt how to use these practices to approach life through all angles – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic states through yoga, meditation and conscious healing sessions


Retreat Highlights
Our days began with Kundalini yoga with Viriam. We practiced yoga as taught in the Kundalini tradition and worked on releasing unconscious patterns, physical blockages, cleansing with Kriya's, chanting mantras and setting conscious intentions (Sankalpa).

Evenings were dedicated to Acupuncture healing circles, Moksa ceremony and Yin Yoga with Alexandra. Helping us further tune in and slow down and release anything we might be consciously and unconsciously holding on to in our physical, psychological and spiritual bodies.

We take a moment to look back at all the wonderful memories of practicing with the sound of the sea, slowing down, going inward and creating a renewed connection with our inner selves.

Meghna Kapoor