Permaculture Retreat with Claude Opera & Lilya Sabatier


12 days! That’s not much is it? But it’s enough to change your life or at least plant the seed of change & growth.

We spent 12 days nestled in the jungle at Khaama Kethna - a beautiful eco retreat with the most helpful & kind staff on our first Permaculture Retreat in October 2018.

This Yoga & Permaculture retreat lead by Claude Opera, Lilya Sabatier & Waylon D’souza was KYO Spaces & Khaama Kethna’s first co creation and could not have been possible without the organic collaboration between the two.

We arrived as strangers from different countries & walks of life; Social workers, farmers, artists, designers, healers and left as a community. Each of us at different stages in our personal growth united by the depth of the waters we swam in together, our heads filled with dreams.

During the course of this experience we’ve planted some seeds, some have grown stronger roots, others allowed themselves to be nurtured by love & nature strengthening their stem, while some bloomed. Our little tribe of newly made friends now has the responsibility to take the learnings of these 12 days and embody them in their everyday life.

Because wouldn’t it be better if we did live in a world where people care, earth care & future care were the building blocks of our lives, families, communities, businesses and artistic endeavours?

Our 2 week long PDC began with us gathering together to co-create a safe space—one that is ideal for exploring our surroundings, immersing ourselves in permaculture concepts, and growing together through the application of conscious design.

Our days begin with morning Yoga in the Banyan Shala lead by the beautiful Lilya Sabatier followed by Permaculture sessions by our PDC leader, Claude Oprea & co-taught by Waylon D'Souza.Interactive learning, open lines of communication and constant innovation were encouraged as we also dived deep into the three core ethics of Permaculture, namely, #earthcare #peoplecare and #fairshare

Meghna Kapoor