Monsoon Magic with Sunaina Rekhi


As our magical retreat with Sunaina Rekhi took place in the magical Goa Monsoons in August 2018. We take a moment to reflect the wonderful memories we made together—of laughter, monsoon beach time, positive energy, and a renewed connection with our inner selves.

An articulate and strong teacher, Sunaina presented a comprehensive introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Guiding us every step of the way, she taught us the correct techniques for various asanas, standing by us as a mentor and friend.
She taught us the power of creating spaces within our own bodies, and how to use stretching exercises to expand our physical and mental awareness.

The sound healing session with her was empowering and elevated our learning to another dimension.

A big thank you to Sunaina, for leading the retreat with her special energy. We would also like to thank Aura, Goa for hosting us and to all the participants each of whom added their own sparkle to the gathering

The forged friendships, laughter and memories of exploring ourselves and the spectacular Goan monsoon will forever remain as keepsakes of joy and happiness in our hearts

Meghna Kapoor