Conscious Warrior Workshop


What is a Conscious Warrior? Why do I need to be one?” These are some of the questions that were addressed during the Conscious Warrior Workshop curated by KYO Spaces on April 12, 2018.

Reflecting on the magical experiences we co-created during the workshop crystalizes the core concepts we encountered during our journey together.

We discovered that a ‘Conscious Warrior’ fights for truth. The real meaning of ‘truth’ has collective implications. It is the Universal truth, not the need to be right all the time

Being a Conscious Warrior entails being awake to what is going on in the world around us, whilst being sensitive to the world within. It’s about walking the talk – buying local produce, showing up for friends and standing up for what we believe in. It’s also about listening to ourselves; understanding our boundaries and limitations; being intimate with both the painful and pleasurable experiences in life. Truly appreciating that our life’s journey is a dance.

We are full of gratitude towards Viriam Kaur & Alexandra DenKinger for being our guiding lights. A special thank you to Inner Temple Goa for providing the perfect venue for learning and growth. Finally, thanks to all the wonderful friends new and old for being there, sharing your energy and creating a safe space of non-judgment, to explore and dive deep. Hope we can all practice our intention, take action and manifest our hearts desires

Meghna Kapoor