Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat


Our first Yoga & Acupuncture retreat has come to a close on a spirited note, our hearts full of gratitude for an unforgettable experience. Having immersed ourselves in self-healing expeditions with Yin-Yang Yoga and Group Acupuncture led by Alexandra DenKinger.

We had the chance to connect with nature through walking meditation, speaking to the earth with our feet.
We have vowed to nourish ourselves, with positive thinking and nourishing food. Grateful to have the chance to co-create an everlasting bond—with ourselves, each other, nature and with the universe.

The Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat was a week well spent tapping into the earth’s vibrations, connecting with one another and ourselves.

We are ever grateful to Alexandra DenKinger, who was the ideal stimulus to guide the retreat towards achieving higher levels of well being, through Yoga and Acupuncture. She reminded us that the world is full of magical things, igniting within us the spark to listen intuitively, cultivate inspiration and clear the fog of confusion.

Thank you to Anushka Nadia Menon, Jamie Andries, Antima Nahar, Maya, Catherine & Leena for your joyful presence and for co-creating a sacred space perfect for change, discovery and healing. Your energy and curiosity transformed the retreat into a celebration of life

Khaama Kethna created a magical backdrop for our retreat, providing a peaceful and enchanted getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The charming accommodation provided an enthusing and protective zone for turning inwards.

Meghna Kapoor